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Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorneys in Knoxville

At Menefee & Brown, we take pride in our ability to represent clients with a variety of different legal issues. Our goal is to offer comprehensive legal solutions, knowledge, and support, backed by our more than three decades of combined professional experience.

In addition to our family law practice, Menefee & Brown can help you with the following cases:

  • Personal Injury: Dealing with the fallout from an injury that was the result of another’s negligent actions? A personal injury claim can help you seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Our Knoxville personal injury attorneys are experienced in handling premises liability claims and catastrophic injuries, among others. We focus on your case so you can focus on getting better.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Accidents occurring on our local roadways can be devastating. Menefee & Brown handles cases related to car, motorcycle, or truck accidents, as well as complex cases involving high-speed collisions, and more.
  • Criminal Defense: Our attorneys are well-versed in defending clients facing both state and federal charges, including drug crimes and violent offenses. We are dedicated to providing you with thoughtful, professional, and honest representation that protects your rights, future, and freedom.

Personalized Service & Constant Communication

Our Knoxville lawyers prioritize communication in the attorney/client relationship. They take the time to listen to every clients’ needs in order and work to protect their best interests, no matter what they are facing or how complex their case may be. The attorney will also be in constant communication to provide advice and guidance so every client always has an honest assessment of their legal options.

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    Our lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experienced in the legal field and can help you and your family with seasoned legal counsel.

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    We have been recognized for the high level of representation we offer. Recently we were recognized by the American Institute of Family Law.

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    Our attorneys can actually take the time to listen to your story and gain a better understanding of your specific needs and your expectations.