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Although making decisions about your property and dependents can feel overwhelming, estate planning can provide peace of mind. The Knoxville estate planning attorneys at Menefee & Brown have extensive knowledge of state and federal estate law to help you create a plan that will best meet your needs and protect what is most important to you.

Creating a Comprehensive Estate Plan

Each estate is unique and requires a personalized approach to planning. Whether your primary concern is the care of minor children, business, or avoiding probate, we can advise you about the law and how to ensure that your wishes are carried out. We can devise a strategy to minimize taxes, take steps to avoid probate and protect the value of your estate. Our attorneys will work with you to ensure that all necessary documents are completed, including a will, advance medical directives, and powers of attorney.

A will should include details about and provisions for:

  • Property distribution
  • Care of children and dependents
  • Provisions for pets
  • A succession plan for your business
  • An executor for the estate
  • Funeral arrangements and preferences

Our Knoxville estate planning lawyers understand the complexities of state and federal laws to provide you with reliable advice as you make important decisions for your property and family. We can help you create a plan that meets all legal requirements and helps you achieve your goals.

Financial & Health Care Planning

Estate planning is not limited to your death. Many people take this opportunity to make plans for a time when they are unable to make decisions for themselves. A health care power of attorney is a person you designate to make healthcare decisions. You can also convey your preferences regarding life support and other health care measures in a living will or advance directive. A financial power of attorney names someone to act on your behalf in financial matters.

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