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Knoxville High Speed Collisions Lawyer

Seriously Injured as the Result of a High-Speed Auto Accident?

Auto accidents always pose a potentially grave threat for physical injury, but high-speed collisions and highway accidents are particularly dangerous. The dedicated Knoxville high-speed collision attorneys at Menefee & Brown, P.C. has extensive experience providing legal guidance to those affected by serious auto accidents in which other parties were at fault. If you have been in such an accident, you might feel as though the world has collapsed around you and the costs associated with your accident may seem overwhelming. We understand this pain. Our attentive legal team will be sure that you move quickly to plan your next move, and we will explore legal options to gain the financial compensation to deal with the potentially crippling consequences of your accident.

Among the Most Frequent Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

If you have been in a highway accident, you know the high speeds that drivers go on highways can lead to highly damaging collisions. Such high-speed collisions often lead to seriously severe injuries.

If you are the victim of such an injury, the ramifications are life-changing, potentially including:

  • The loss of your ability to work
  • Massive medical bills
  • Terrifying physical injuries
  • Physical and mental pain

Given the location of Knoxville, it is important to always drive with extreme caution. Highways and major interstates, such as 75, 40, 275, and 640, crisscross our hometown and the large amounts of highway driving you do can potentially lead to an increased potential for a highway accident or high-speed collision.

Legal Resource for Recovering After an Accident

Given the amount of highway driving we all do, a potential for accidents exists, since there is no way to control the driving practices of others. If you are in an accident that is the fault of another driver, there are often legal recourses to recovering the costs associated with this type of accident.

We can provide guidance as you deal with the aftermath of a serious accident. We will help you:

  • Evaluate potential settlement options
  • Determine if you have a strong case to take to court
  • Find the best possible avenues to recover the money you need

Learn how our experienced team of attorneys can guide you through the difficult aftermath of a serious auto accident! Contact Menefee & Brown online or at (865) 351-2029 for a free consultation from our Knoxville lawyers.

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